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Simple Sales Chart Excel Template

These are 7 simple sales chart templates with variety of models you can use to map your sale achievement within a period of one year. You can pick most suitable one for your purposes. Or, you can use all of them for different presentation occasions. These are ready-to-use formulas that will mark under/above target achievement with particular color.

Sales Chart

You can select which person you want to see in chart visualization. That chart in the right side will show respective person performance against their target within one year period. Different colors are applied for achievement over and under sales target.

Sales Graph – Simple Chart with Fixed Target Line

This chart is most simple one. To see the chart, you need to type company’s sales achievement and its target for particular year period. You will see sales achievement bars in the chart with bars above target will have darker color.

Sales Flow Chart – Simple with Fixed Thermometer Style Target Bar

This chart has similar functions with above chart. The difference in its visualization where it shows sales target as individual bar with similar height as background for each sales achievement bars.

Sales Chart – Simple with Variable Target Line

This chart requires different target values for each month. In generated chart, you will see target values as lines that will follow inputted values.

Sales Chart – Simple with Variable Target Bar

You can use this one, if you need another model for this chart with variable target values. There are bars as sales achievement background that visualize target for each month.

Sales Chart – Simple Chart with Different Bar Color for Highest Achievement

Sales Chart – Simple with Two Year Achievement Comparison

If you need a chart that compares two year achievement, you can use this one. Just fill sales values for two different year and you will get both values mapped within single bar monthly. It is a visualization alternative instead of comparing sales achievement with side-by-side bar or lines.

Individual Chart

This is focusing on visualizing achievement of sales persons. To use this template, set similar target to all sales persons, for example USD 1000 per month. After you input that value, you will see red color line as sales target market within the chart. Then you can type sales names in sales person column as well as their monthly sales achievement.

Simple sales charts are samples that you can modify to suit your own needs. You might have other ideas on how to use these charts for presentation purposes. For example, you can add sales database where the numbers will be shown in table. Or, you can modify chart bar and line colors. You may need PowerPoint as your presentation tool to simplify compatibility process. There are many things you can do with these templates since they are all free to modify.

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