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This is a Soccer Team Stats Tracker that can be used to record and track performance of your soccer team in single excel spreadsheet. It is equipped with a player and team summary worksheets. Hence, there is a team dashboard worksheet that can visualize your team performance to ease you evaluate them quickly.

Soccer Player Stats Tracker

This Soccer team stats tracker is created to evaluate performance of one specific team only. For example, if you are soccer coach or soccer team owner, you can put all of your team matches against different/similar opponents and read summary pulled from match stats you put inside match stats log. So, It is used to evaluate your favorite team as well. You can put your national team and track their performance from last 10-15 matches.

Soccer Stats Premier League

Hence, I plan to put England last 15 matches against Wales, Slovakia and Russia as samples in lite version that should give ideas about their matches in Euro 2016 final tournament in France this June. But, I think I won’t have enough time to complete it. So, I release it as a blank spreadsheet.

Football League Stats

There are pre-set match stats codes and categories to be inputted in match stats log. So, You can download and follow detail instructions below to use it :

1. Go to Setup Soccer Team

You can start using the spreadsheet by set all needed parameters in this worksheet.

  • Type your team/country names in cell G7
  • If you have saved the filename as another name, replace the filename in cell H7 otherwise you can’t move between matches. You should replace it with “your new filename.xlsx”. Check for upper/lower cases, extra spaces and missing dots since it is case sensitive
  • Type opponent’s name in opponents table. Pro version will allow you to type until maximum 50 team’s names.
  • Also, Add more individual statistic names in individual statistic table as well as its codes. You can modify current names to match your own terms, but it is not recommended to modify its codes since those codes are hardcoded in individual statistic calculation
  • Type your tournament’s names in tournament table
  • Modify formation name if you don’t find your own formation listed in the formation table
  • Add/or modify team statistic item in team statistic table
  • Place your individual statistic codes in statistic code color table or you can leave it as white color

2. Go to Match Log Worksheet

All fixtures will be mapped automatically in match log worksheet. Complete all information within white border cell for statistic calculation purposes.

You can move between matches by clicking the next/previous link on top of each match worksheets. If you can’t move between month, check the filename in setup worksheet. It has to be the same with your saved filename. You can go to specific match by clicking respective result cell in Team Fixtures worksheet.

3. Go to Summary Stats Tracker

You can see summary of your players here. There are four different player stats and one team worksheets.

Player Stats Summary
You can see stats summary of each player for all their played matches. There are no cells to be selected or inputted.

Player Individual Stats Summary
Select your player’s name to see his performance in each matches

Player Win Lose Stats Summary
You can see the outcome of the matches based on the match when your player’s are played

Player Rating Stats Summary
You can see the performance of your player in each matches

Team Stats Summary
You can see important team stats summary in Dashboard visualization. Select All Opponents if you want to see stats for your whole team matches or select specific opponents if you want to see your team stats against specific team.

Soccer Team Features

≡ Team Stats Summary Dashboard
This worksheet will visualize important parameters your team performance in chart style.

≡ Player Rating Table
This worksheet will show you rating of each player match by match

≡ Player Win-Lose Stats
This worksheet will show you team match results by player names

≡ Player Summary and Individual Stats
This worksheet will show you stats of all and particular players in all matches which he played.

≡ Custom Team Fixtures and Player List
You can add until 100 opponents name (similar or different opponents), and 100 player names.

To use this free Excel Template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel. You can only use this template if you have these applications in your system. or Use, Google Sheets. 

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the xlsx file of this template to use it

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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