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Student Fee Collection System Excel Template

Student Fee Collection System is ready-to-use excel template which enables you to fee collection of 30 classes along with class-wise outstanding fee amount.

Thus, This ensures timely collection of dues from students and eventually helps smooth functioning of school administration.

Purpose of Maintaining Student Fee Collection Record

Although, All school/institution require cash to pay its expenditures viz. teacher’s and staff salary, electricity bills, maintenance expenses, smart-board renewals, library expenditures, upgrading computer labs, and maintenance etc.

Student Fee Collection System Excel Template

We have create a simple and ready-to-use Student fee Collection System Excel Template with navigation and predefine formulas.

Therefore, This template helps you to maintain class-wise student fee collection for 30 classes and provides class-wise outstanding amounts along with a total outstanding summary.

How To Use Student Fee Collection System Excel Template?

Moreover, School Fee Management Template consists of 4  sheets.

  1. Index and Summary
  2. Fee Receipt (Class-wise)
  3. Fee Pending (Class-Wise)

1.  Index And Summary Sheet

Thus, Index Sheet is first sheet of this template. In this sheet, you need to enter data only 3 fields:

  1. Academic Year i.e. A.Y.
  2. Class & Divisions
  3. Total Fee Amount Per Student for each class.

2. Fee Receipt (Class-Wise)

Thus, This sheet has been made for 30 classes each having a strength of 60 students. You need to enter class-wise student’s roll number and name.

Therefore, Details like class, division, class fee and academic year are derived automatically from the Link and Summary Sheet.

3) Fee Pending (Class-wise)

Therefore Fee Pending Sheet consists of 30 classes each having a strength of 60 students.

Thus, This sheet will directly display a report of pending fee of all students of each respective class. In case, someone paid in full then it will display 0 (Zero).

Benefits of Using Excel Template

  • Time-Saving.
  • Handy Data.
  • Provides Class-wise and Student-wise fee receipt and outstanding.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Handles 30 Classes with a maximum strength of 60 students.
Download Student Fee Collection System Excel Template
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