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Student Study Planner Excel Template

A Student Study Planner Template helps a student to plan his syllabus for a unit exam as well as annual exams.

In addition to the above,  the student can divide the complete annual syllabus from the number of days and also chapters per day.

Furthermore, you can plan a daily chapter-wise schedule in such a way that you may have enough time to plan multiple revisions of the schedule.

What is a Student Study Planner?

Moreover a study plan consists of the schedule of complete syllabus to achieve your learning goals. It helps you to define which subject, which chapter you will study on which day. Study plan gives you a complete picture of your course that needs to be completed in the given time frame.

How A Study Planner is Helpful To A Student?

  • A study planner helps the students/parents to adjust learning curve of students according to their capacity.
  • Proper usage and timely completion help in better performance and better grades in exams.
  • Gives a better understanding of each subject.
  • Helps the student stay organized during exams.
  • Eliminates confusion as the student has action plan.
  • Helps reduce stress as most of the study is completed in chunks.
  • As everything is pre-planned, you don’t need to give early or late hours of preparation.
  • Teaches the student effective time management.

Tips To Create An Effective Study Plan

  1. Set chapters and days which are realistic and not over-ambitious.
  2. Stick to the main plan.
  3. To make it more effective, include small breaks in study plan.
  4. Plan in such a way that you get 2 slots for every revision.
  5. Distribute chapters according to your capacity or toughness of particular subject.
  6. To maintain accountability, join someone with you and start to do group study.

Student Study Planner Excel Template

Consequently, We have created a simple and easy Student Study Planner Excel Template with predefined formulas and formatting that helps you to create an effective study plan.

Contents of Student Study Planner Excel Template

Likewise this Excel Template consists of 3 sheets:

  1. Chapter-wise Study Planner
  2. Daily Planner
  3. Printable Daily Planner

Yearly and Monthly Study Planner

Chapter-wise study planner consists of 3 sections:

  • Chapter Distribution For Annual Exam
  • Chapter Distribution For Unit Exam
  • Monthly Study Planner
Download Student Study Planner Excel Template
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