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Download TA Reimbursement Excel Template

Employee TA Reimbursement Template is a ready-to-use excel template that helps to record your travel expenses for reimbursement purposes.

Thus, This template is useful for employees and companies where the travel expenses are reimburse on an actual basis.

Conveyance Allowance Meaning

Employees are entitled to TA reimbursement for the official travels. TA stands for Traveling Allowance. Traveling allowance is amount paid or allotted to an employee by the employer for traveling to another place for business purpose.

TA Payment Policies

Companies pay TA either in advance of the travel or reimburse after the travel has been made. It depends on policy of company, employee rank, workplace policies, etc.

Moreover, many companies pay on a per diem basis. It means that a fix amount will pay per day for such traveling business purposes. This is used when traveling is frequent. It also safeguards company from misuse of money.

Components of TA Reimbursement Form

Usually, in a small or medium-sized company, reimbursement of TA includes modes of travel, accommodation, meals, and other incidentals.

Though in larger corporates, there are many more details as follow:

Rail transportation
Rental vehicles
Conference registration fees
Mileage expenses
Rental vehicle expenses
Lodging (commercial)
Meals (per diem)
Business meals
Business expenses

Employee TA Reimbursement Excel Template

We have create a ready to use Employee TA Reimbursement Template in Excel with predefine formulas.

This template is useful for employees to claim reimbursements of their TA as and when they travel for business purpose.

Contents of the Employee TA Reimbursement Template

This template consists of 6 sections: Header Section, Employee Details, Travel Details Section, Food and Accommodation Expenses Section, Travel and Other Expenses Section, and Approval Section.

Somewhat, The header section consists of the company name, company logo, and heading of the sheet “TA Reimbursement Template”.

Employee Details

Moreover, Employee details section consists of general details like employee name, employee id, designation, department, and purpose of the trip.

Travel Details

So, Travel details section consists of data for each day, From and To Travel destinations.

Food and Accommodation Expenses

Although, This section consists of expenses related to room rent, daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

TA Bill

Also, The travel and other expenses section include all expenses related to travel. So, It includes expenses of air tickets, taxi charges, rent a car, parking, etc.

Approval Section

In the end, there is an approval section. This section consists of final calculations. If you have received any advances from the company you need to mention them in the cell below totals.

However, Total Reimbursable amount = Sub-Total – Advances.

Furthermore, it includes the signature boxes for the claiming employee and the approving authority.

How to Use this TA Reimbursement Excel template

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