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After a month of taking care of my offline business and took some weeks off and did my other hobbies that has no relation with excel. I am little bit rusty to create new excel templates. So, I create some Temperature Convertor easy templates. Also I still have some templates that I have create before and have not publish due to my offline activities.

Temperature Convertor Excel

This temperature convertor is where first time I created several years ago, I have to interpret the temperature conversion formula into correct excel function combination. But, when I saw the list of excel function again. I find that excel already have that conversion function named “Convert”. You can use this function not only for the temperature conversion but also for other conversion, for example weight, distance, time and many other conversion that you can see in excel help menu of this function.

For temperature itself, excel provide conversion between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin, and you can see implementation in my excel spreadsheet here.

Different Temperature Convertor

Some short explanation regarding temperature scale I found in internet is as follows :

Fahrenheit Scale

The Fahrenheit convertor is scale that is used when they report the weather on the news each night. It is probably temperature scale that you are most familiar with, if you live in United States. The thermometers that you have in your house, for uses such as; swimming pools, cooking, bath tubs, or reading body temperature, are all likely to be in Fahrenheit. In Canada and most other countries, news will report the temperature on the Celsius scale.

Celsius Scale

The Celsius scale, is commonly used for scientific work. The thermometers that we use in our laboratory are mark with the Celsius scale.  The Celsius scale is also called Centigrade scale because it is design in such a way that there are 100 units. Also degrees between freezing point and boiling point of water is useful for Celsius to Fahrenheit convertor.  One of these limitations of the Celsius scale is that negative temperatures are very common.  Since we know that temperature is a measure of kinetic energy of molecules. This would almost suggest that it is possible to have less than zero energy. This is why the Kelvin scale was necessary.

Kelvin Scale

The International System of Measurements (SI) uses Kelvin scale for measuring temperature.  This scale makes more sense in light of the way that temperature is defined. The Kelvin scale is based on the concept of absolute zero, theoretical temperature at which molecules would have zero kinetic energy. Absolute zero, which is about -273.15, is set at zero on Kelvin scale.  This means that there is no temperature lower than zero Kelvin, so there are no negative numbers on the Kelvin scale. For certain calculations, like gas laws, which you will learn soon, the Kelvin scale must use.

And conversion formula between each temperature scales are as follows :

Celsius to Kelvin            K = C + 273
Kelvin to Celsius            C = K – 273
Fahrenheit to Celsius     C = (F – 32) x 5/9
Celsius to Fahrenheit     F = (C x 9/5) + 32

I think enough for the explanation. You can download file and learn how the excel function are use here for weather convertor and convertor temp.

Download this Temperature Convertor template in Excel Format

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