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Time To Fill Calculator Excel Template

Time To Fill Calculator is simple and ready-to-use excel template to calculate Time To Fill and Time To Hire HR metrics for single and multiple job posts.

Time To Fill is always higher than Time. There are other reasons but these are the major ones that impact the time to fill calculations. Industries recruiting freshers or non-committing candidates have low Time To Fill (TTF).

Usually, the case is opposite when you are recruiting an experience candidate or best candidate in the industry.

Time To Fill Metrics

Time To Fill (TTF) is an HR metric similar to Time To Hire. It is the difference between date of the job post open and date of an employee joining the organization.

Formula to calculate Time To Fill

Date of Candidate Joining the Company – Date of a job post-opening-up

Average Time to Hire

We have create an easy and ready-to-use excel template for Time To Fill HR Metric with predefine formulas. 

You just need to enter required data and it will automatically calculate both, Time To Hire and Time To Fill for a given a single job post as well as multiple job posts.

Average Time To Fill A Position

Time To Fill Calculator consists of 2 sections:

  1. TTF For Single Job Post
  2. TTF for Multiple Job Posts

1.Average Time To Fill For Single Job Post

To calculate Time to Fill for single job post is very simple. That you can do even without calculator. Just take the difference in date of joining and date of opening of the job post. But using this metric will help you to keep a record and also will calculate Time To Hire – another HR Metric.

In this section, you just need to enter 4 things:

  • Job Title
  • Date of Opening of job post
  • Contract Signing Date
  • Date of Joining

That’s it. Applying the predefine formula will automatically calculate – Time To Hire and Time To Fill for that particular post for you.

2. TTF For Multiple Job Posts

As discussed , new start-ups and big MNC’s have more job openings at particular time. To Calculate Time To Hire and Time To Fill you can use this section.

5 Ways To Reduce Time To Fill (TTF)

  1. Keep your job criteria broad
  2. Prepare for talent of mobilization
  3. Use freelancers to drive specialize initiatives
  4. Gather right intelligence to counter your competition
  5. Network well to find niche talent
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