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Travel Expense Report Excel Template

Following my travel request form for requesting advance needed for business travel. This Travel expense report spreadsheet is the complement of that request form where you can put your daily expenses here and the formula in report worksheet will automate the sum calculation for you. So, If you want a more detailed daily expenses spreadsheet you can see my travel expenses daily tracker that I used for my business travel daily log.

Expense Report

Thus, It is a basic form with advance taken/realization columns with automatic calculation functions. So, Other blank cells are available for you to type additional information related with your business travel.

Concur Expense Reporting

Since this is just a simple spreadsheet where there is no complex formula inside, I think you can use it easily. Just type in your daily expenses summary in the daily expenses summary worksheet. Also, You will get the total summary in expenses report worksheet. Moreover, Complete the report worksheet with your identity, departure and return date, description, advance taken (based on travel request form) and number of units.

Personalize this spreadsheet to meet your company official form. You can remove notes box, or remove employee signature boxes, etc. You may also change categories to other titles.

Of course, there are further details include in the travel expense report:
  1. Full name.
  2. Department.
  3. Personnel number.
  4. Start and end of trip with exact time of day.
  5. Destination of the trip.
  6. Travel purpose.
  7. Means of transport used.
  8. Signatures of claimant (employee) and supervisor.
An expense report contains categorized and itemized list of expenses that were made on behalf of the organization. This report helps the employer or finance team to determine what money was spent, what was purchased Also how much of the expenditure is approved for reimbursement from Travel Expense Report.
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