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Twitter Content Calendar template to plan week-wise tweets on twitter for all 52 weeks to increase fan following and popularity on twitter

Twitter is consider best for real-time conversations. Proper planning and execution of tweets, retweets, and replies to queries can help gain popularity on twitter and also help to gather followers.

While planning your tweets you have to be very specific.

This sheet will help you plan and execute week-wise twitter content for a complete year.

If you are a blogger or a small business owner, you might do all the tasks by yourself.

Twitter Content Calendar Template

We have create a simple and easy-to-use Twitter Content Calendar that help you plan a week-wise posting calendar for a complete year. You can maintain your social media presence on consistent and timely basis with this content calendar.

Contents of Twitter Content Calendar Excel Template

This template consists of 2 sheets:

  1. Weekly Tweet Planner
  2. Automated Content Count Summary

Weekly Tweet Planner

This sheet consists of 52 slots one for a week. Just insert start date in the first light blue colored cell. The template will automatically fetch dates for whole preceding year along with the respective weekday using the TEXT Function.

Content Types

You can plan different types of tweets like textual, video, image, quote. The template consists of following heads for content types:

Topic: Define topic you want to post for that particular day.

Image: You can post images of your content also on twitter. Add image title. We have taken SEO Tips as an example in this sheet.

Quote: For posting textual quotes, define the quote category.

Video: You can also upload a video as tweet with related hashtags and description. Enter the title/topic of video you need to post.

Retweet: Retweets play an important role in your twitter marketing. Insert twitter handles of those people or companies that you may retweet.

Replies: Replies to your tweets or other people’s tweets, questions or queries can help you make popular.

This way you can swiftly plan your twitter content calendar.

Automated Content Count Summary

This sheet gets auto-populate according to data insert in the Tweet Planner. Thus, you don’t require any kind of entry in this sheet.

Creating slots of 4 weeks in one to create a month, this sheet displays a summary of all 52 weeks. It displays the number of posts made in that duration.

Download Twitter Content Calendar Excel Template

To use this free Excel Template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel. You can only use this template if you have these applications in your system. or Use, Google Sheets. 

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the xlsx file of this template to use it

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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