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This is a UEFA Euro 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet you can use to see the schedule and track all matches of the upcoming European soccer tournament. It took some time to map all new tournament regulations to this spreadsheet, but finally it is finished. This year tournament will have major changes in its tournament format compared with previous tournaments. This year, it will be participated by 24 countries, divided into 6 groups. They will fight for 16 places in knock out rounds. It consists of 6 group winners, 6 group runners up and 4 best third-placed teams.

Euro League Fixtures

With this major tournament format change. Hence I can’t use any of my previous Euro and World Cup spreadsheets without any major modification. I used my World Cup 2014 layout because I think it has a nice looking layout so far. I removed all extra time score boxes in knock out brackets. Also add a separate third-place standing table to help you see. Which best third-placed teams advance to knock out rounds.

Euros dates

Hence I added a worksheet to customize its language if you feel that the translation is not fit with your language well and to customize its time zone if you can find your city in time zone list.

Euro Cup Schedule

I have created new algorithms to map those rules into excel formulas where you can see them reflected in my Euro 2016 Schedule and Scoresheet. You can see Winners from group A, B, C, D will face teams from different group based on final 3rd places standings. With group color markers, you can see from which groups that finally those group winners are faced.

To use this spreadsheet is simple, you can start by typing the score results in score boxes in group matches. Group standings will be adjusted accordingly. And after all group matches are finished and all advanced teams are placed in respective knock out brackets. You can start typing scores in respective knock out score boxes.

I put an automatic group color function that should inform you from which groups the teams who advance in knock out stages. So, You can type the full time score (normal + extra time) result in white boxes at the right side of team names. And if the score is draw. There will be a box with light red color background shown where you can filled the penalty shoot out results. You can repeat it until the final where the Champion, runner up and semifinalists will be shown on the box at bottom left of this worksheet.

Download UEFA EURO Schedule and Scoresheet Excel Template

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