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Weekly Workout Log Excel Template

This printable weekly workout log emphasize on your day to day strength training. You can use this weekly workout log to track your progress everyday, and change up your sets, reps, and weight. Tracking the weight you are lifting is very crucial. However you can’t have steady progress in lifting more weight if you forget where you were the day or week before. The advantage of this log is that it allows you to track sets, reps and weight, where other charts track just two of the three.

Workout log in excel template

This Workout Log spreadsheet helps to track your weekly fitness and strength training progress. It includes your weight, hours of sleep, and daily calorie intake in food.

List all the exercises you do each week and then print and take the workout log with you to the gym everyday.

Enter your One-Rep Max (1RM) and Sets/Reps/Weight for each strength exercise.

Enter the time (duration), distance, and intensity level for each cardiovascular/aerobic exercise.

Using the Workout Log tool

One Rep Max: The workout log has a place to record your 1RM (One-Rep Max). This is mainly for reference because many weight training programs have you do a certain number of sets/reps at a weight that is a percentage of your 1RM. To calculate your One-Rep Max, see the information in our Workout Chart template.

Intensity: For the cardio exercises, in addition to listing the amount of time or distance, you should enter the intensity as Light/Moderate/Vigorous (see the info on the exercise log page for guidelines) or Easy/Medium/Hard. This will help you identify the right metabolic equivalent value to use if you are using a calories burned calculator.

Workout Routines for Men

When it comes to achieving your best physique, a proper strength training program is essential for strong workout tracker gym log.

Whether you’re looking to transform your body or just kick your training notch, it’s important to add training volume (in the form of reps, sets, and weight) to stimulate new muscle growth as you progress.

In general, most beginners have been lifting for less than a year, intermediates for at least 1 year, and advanced trainees for at least 2 years. Keep in mind that you should not attempt advanced workouts unless you have appropriate strength training experience.

This article reviews several high quality exercise regimens for men of all experience. There are levels to maximize muscle and strength gains while ensuring adequate recovery.

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