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Our work schedule with icons allows you to quickly print a schedule for planning your week or organizing shift schedules. Thus, It was originally design to look like the work week view in Microsoft Outlook, but we have added more designs.

Flexible Work Schedule

The work schedule template doesn’t store entries that you make into database so that your appointments pop up as you change the work week. Instead, the purpose is to either print blank copies of schedule to fill out by hand. Make copies of the schedule worksheet and update start dates in each tab prior to adding your appointments and events.

Flexible Time

When planning many weeks in advance, one of the simplest approaches is to make copies of a blank schedule by right-clicking on Schedule worksheet tab and selecting “Move or Copy.” You can rename the tabs based on the week number or the date. This new download includes 3 worksheet tabs spanning 6 weeks, but you can easily add more as needed.

The benefit of using this approach over something more complicate. Storing schedule items in a database is that you have complete control over the formatting of each and every worksheet. After customizing the template, save a blank copy of worksheet. You may even want to label one of worksheets “blank” so that you always have a blank version to print or make duplicate copies.

Compressed Work Week

Scheduling staff creates an order and a flow to your business. Everyone knows when they’re supposed to work. It allows them to focus on their job. Proper scheduling ensures that important tasks are covered at appropriate times.

Work Schedule with Icons

This template demonstrates the use of icon sets to mark or flag specific work appointments or types of work. The spreadsheet uses conditional formatting and data validation drop-downs. You can customize the icons by editing the conditional formatting rule.

To use this free Excel Template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel. You can only use this template if you have these applications in your system. or Use, Google Sheets. 

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the xlsx file of this template to use it

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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