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Yield Rate Calculator Excel Template

Yield Rate Calculator is easy and ready-to-use excel template to calculate yield rate at each stage during staffing process starting from receiving applications to recruiting the candidate.

Maturity Calculator

Yield Rate is an HR metric that is use to measure percentage of candidates passing to next level against the total number of applicants at a particular stage.

It measures efficiency of the staffing process at each stage starting from receiving the applications until recruiting the candidate. This metric is also known as Selection Rate.

Bond Yield to maturity Calculator

The formula to Calculate yield rate is very simple.

Yield Rate:

          No. of Candidates at the End of Stage “N”
No. Of Candidates at the Beginning of Stage “N”

Bond Current Yield Calculator

Thus, Yield Rate is effective in big companies where the recruiting ratios are high. So, Such big companies check the effectiveness of recruitment sources with yield rate/selection rate.

Moreover, To help them calculate yield rate for multiple job posts easily, we have create a very simple Yield Rate Calculator with predefine formulas.

You just need to enter statistical data of different stages of your recruiting process, and it will automatically calculate yield rate for every stage in seconds.

How To Use The Yield Rate Calculator Excel Template?

Thus, The Yield Rate Calculator consists of 2 sections:

  1. Yield Rate (Single Job Post, Single Stage)
  2. Yield Rate (Multiple Job Posts, Multiple Stages)

1. Yield Rate (Single Job Post, Single Stage)

In this section, you can calculate yield rate for single post for a single stage. For calculating it you need to enter two details; No. of Candidates at the end of Stage and No. of Candidates at the beginning of Stage.

2. Yield Rate (Multiple Job Posts, Multiple Stages)

Recruiting ratios are usually high in big companies. There are multiple opening and multiple stage of recruitment starting from screening, interviewing, offering and hiring. Some companies might also have assignment before hiring.

You can also write the name of source of recruitment if you have done any contract will outsourcing/recruitment agencies.

This section of template helps you calculate yield rate for multiple job posts at multiple stages of recruitment. I have given the yield rate for screening, Interviewing, Offering, and Hiring processes.

Here the same formula has been applied. The only change is that the numbers changes according to the stages. The start of previous stage is the end of the preceding stage.

This template can be useful to HR professionals, HR managers, and HR Assistants. IT can also be useful for business owners to evaluate the effectiveness of the recruiting process. 

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