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Checkbook Register Excel Template

Normally, we use a hand-written check register because of debit cards, credit cards or online digital payment apps like Paytm or Razorpay etc. We don’t carry our checkbook with us all the time, or rarely write checks.

The disadvantage of writing Checkbooks

  • Data privacy, i.e. anyone can see your transactions
  • Possibility of missing the hardcopy checkbook.

Thus, we recommend you to use our checkbook register Microsoft Excel template. This will help you to maintain and monitor your business payments digitally.

A check register also called cash disbursements or payment record is used to record all the checks and payments. Thus, helps you to do timely and correct accounting of your payments.

This checkbook register has columns to include the transaction dates, check numbers, account names, and debits and credits.

For example; it records a running balance in the checking account. So, it seems like a real-time record of the bank account. Can check or see the total balance in the account as well as the disbursements.

How to use Checkbook Register for maintaining payments in Excel


Current Date: current date can be selected through a Drop Down List where you can Enter the Dates of your all transactions.

Cleared Balance: There is a “Reconciliation Column” in order to check your current and cleared balances. Thus, this will be useful for arranging your transactions and comparing them with your latest statements.

Custom List For Payee: You can customize your payments payee list.

Balance Formula: To create a Running Balance for a Checkbook and Arrange it using the formula (previous cell payment + deposit). That will sort your table for listing.

The Checkbook Register include terms like

  • Account Balance
  • Date of Transaction, Credits, and Debits associated with Transaction.
  • Description
  • Check Number and Category

Advantages of using Checkbook Register

A check register is important for your auditing and accounting process. It is also one of the requirements of an auditor to check and validate your transaction. The register shows the type of purchases your organization makes and can help you to make spending adjustments.

Check registers give you a real-time record of your bank account balance, transactions, how much money you have available to spend, and your past spending.

If you want to see what your electric bill or expenses were from the past twelve months, you have an easily accessible register record.

It can also help you to

  • Budget Better
  • Keep your transactions updated and organized
  • How much you’re Saving and Spending
  • Avoiding Overspending
  • Arranging Checks
  • Reconcile Bank Statements
  • Financial Records
Download Checkbook Register Excel Template
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