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Download Construction Proposal Excel Template

A construction proposal is a document that is used by any company to offer its construction-related services to clients. Accepted offer and proposal register becomes a legal and social binding document. The details such as the span of the contract are added to the construction proposal. Any organization which is going to start a construction project gets many proposals. The company calls the bids, and after that, the project of construction is given to any appropriate other organization. So, for all this, a construction company needs to have a proposal prepared in a better way. The importance of the proposal is to ensure that you and your clients are on the same page.

The data that is provided as part of a construction proposal is designed to provide sufficient information to allow the bidder to decide between multiple project designs.

How to Create Construction Proposal in Excel

Construction Bid Form Worksheet allows you to create a customized contract for your construction or building project. The worksheet has 4 columns on the body part and calculations must be done manually. The column contains Quantity, Description Unit Price and Amount. It also includes quality, description and cost total.
The construction proposal contains every detail and offers an intuitive bid form for you to fill in the details of your contractor information. It can easily used by a subcontractor or a supplier. This form calculate totals but gives you the ability to fill in figures manually.

It is an example of customizing the default sales invoice template with ever minor information like- Who is the Prepared this and the Salesperson. However, the Invoice Manager for Excel can handle this form very easily. The construction proposal form template is in Microsoft Excel format. and a handy template for use.

You can start to type in your text to replace the default labels. After finishing it, you have a simple yet efficient tool for creating your professional, construction proposal and contract estimate.

  • It needs Basic information, such as the names, contact details, and addresses of the parties involved.
  • A detailed project scope
  • Total expenses with pricing breakdowns
  • Payment
  • Records that are relevant to the project work schedule, including client’s response
  • Formal bid, with signature

Elements of Construction Proposal

Basic Info

It needed the information belonging to both the potential client and the construction company. This includes the addresses, names, and signatures of everyone involved in the project.

Bid Conditions

For your bid document, you need to do a site assessment. It is advantageous to have a proposal that includes records of the existing state at the site.


The features of good working of a construction bid lie in the work schedule. Because this section includes the date and time that the contractor will receive approval to begin working on the project.

Bid and Signature

To present a formal statement of intent to provide the project services. The bid estimate and include your signature.

Project Reach

To get into deeper details, the construction bid should lay out the reach of the project. You need a detailed bid form for laying out the project scope. Target the services you intend to provide.


In this section, you inform the client about fund estimates for the entire project. And also to break it down into sections such as labour and materials. Lay down clear expectations for the client.

Terms of Salary

writing a cost estimate but forgetting to include the precise terms of payment. This is information regarding arranging payments in different categories.

Uses of Construction Forms

Every structure that touches our imagination needs a well-formed structure and planning. Underwent trial and error easily solved by Construction Bid Form. So, this tool helps the contractor to skill up and the builder to put all the pieces together. This process is also possible through the help of technology, especially the bidding template.

How to Use this Construction Proposal Excel template

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