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Download Employee Performance Evaluation Excel Template

Employee Performance Evaluation Template is a ready template in Excel to conduct employee evaluation.

Moreover, this template also consists of a predefine score system to evaluate functional, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Thus, All you have to do is to download your desired file format. Insert the scores based on the productivity of employee.

Performance Appraisal

Employee Performance Evaluation is a key process to ensure that employees are performing right and where they need to improve. As an HR professional, you can evaluate employees on quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis.

Furthermore, such evaluations give us legal, ethical, and visible evidence of employee performance over time. It also helps us to know, how actively they are involved, and how much they understand the job requirements.

Usually, the goal behind it is development of employees and an overall improvement of the organization.

Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation serves several purposes. The main objective of it is to improve check whether the employee’s output is by the industry norms. It also helps to uplift the overall productivity of the organization.

Such evaluation helps employer look for employee weaknesses and instruct them to improve as well. It also creates pressure on the employee to achieve a higher level of perfection. It may benefits both the employer and the employee.

Moreover, this helps in building teams and improving communications. It leads to improved performance results.

So, The goal of this evaluation is to improve the way an organization functions. It is a key process that helps in achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Moreover, these evaluations provide employer to know the strengths of his team. You can also use this data for scaling up of business and reshuffling of staff. Additionally, it helps organization to arrange employee training and skill development sessions.

Performance Appraisal examples

Employee Performance is 3 step process.

Functional Skills

Evaluation of Functional Skills includes quality of work, work habits, and job knowledge of employee.

Quality of Work consists of following:

  • Accuracy, neatness, and timeliness of work
  • Adherence in duties and procedures of Job Description and Work Instructions
  • Synchronization with organizations/functional goals

Work Habits consists of following:

  • Punctuality at workplace
  • Attendance
  • Taking initiatives at workplace
  • Submits reports on time and meets deadlines

Job Knowledge consists of following:

  • Skill and ability to perform the job satisfactorily
  • Shown interest in learning and improving
  • Problem-solving ability

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills evaluation consists of the following:

  • Response and contribution to the team efforts.
  • Positive response to suggestions, instructions, and criticism.
  • Coordination with supervisors.
  • Adaption to changing circumstances.
  • Seeking feedback for improvement.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills evaluation consists of following:

  • An aspiration to grow
  • Accepting challenges.
  • Adhere to new responsibilities and roles.
  • Innovative thinking.
  • Work motivation.

Employee Evaluation

We have create an easy to use Employee Performance Evaluation Template with predefine formulas and functions. This template can be helpful to manage the review process easily and efficiently.

Moreover, it consists of a predefined score system that will help perform this task easily.

How to Use this Employee Performance Evaluation Excel template

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