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Employee Termination Letter Excel Template

Employee Termination Letter is a ready-to-use excel template that helps you to prepare termination letters under 4 specific conditions.

This template consists of 3 different formats of termination letter generally used by HR professionals. So, One is a simple termination letter, one is termination due to poor performance and the third is termination due to breach of an employment contract or any company policy.

Termination Letter to employee

However, A termination letter is a legal document that employer issues to his employee for terminating or notify the end of employment agreement.

Moreover, It is an important HR document of the termination process and a legal document that can be presented in the Court of Law. Termination means the end of employee contracts involuntarily.

Immediate termination letter to employee

It consists of following details:

  • Details of termination meeting.
  • Termination reasons.
  • Final Settlement detail.
  • Last day of work.
  • Handing over details.

End of contract letter to employee

Furthermore, the employer usually terminates the employees for the following reasons:

  • Poor Performance.
  • Layoff due to bad business conditions.
  • Foreclosure.
  • Breach of Agreement.
  • Incompetence.
  • Unacceptable misbehavior.

Termination notice to employee

We have create ready to Employee Termination Letter Template with predefine formulas and formatting. Just enter your credentials and it is ready to print.

In addition, this template consists of a simple termination letter format, termination letter format due to poor performance and termination letter format in case of breach of company policy.

Simple Termination Letter Format

So, Unavoidable business/market conditions like an economic downturn, shutdown, or bankruptcy are reasons where companies need to layoff/terminate employees in bulk.

For this reason, This format consists of general details, the reason for terminating and the last working day. Usually, simple termination provides a notice time to the employee. It is issued in case of layoffs, foreclosure, and shutdown.

Termination Letter For Poor Performance

Also, Employee poorly performing is given a chance to learn and is also provided training to enhance. Still, if it doesn’t work the employer terminates the employee.

Termination Letter For Breach of Company Policies/Agreement

Above all, Toxicity, misbehavior, and breach of company policy are also reasons where it becomes mandatory for employer to terminate the employee. It damages the company’s goodwill in the market and also affects overall environment of the office.

Termination Letter Templates

Again, This template auto-populates as per the details entered in the previous sheet. So, You don’t need to make any entries in this sheet.

In addition, the letter consists of pre-drafted text. In case you want to change it you can do it going to the respective cell. Else just set the print area and print the document.

Further, if you are looking to send a pdf version of your letter to the company, you can use inbuilt Microsoft to PDF option from the print menu.

So, this template can be helpful to HR assistants, HR heads as well as HR professionals to create a different type of termination letters according to their requirement in minutes.

Download Employee Termination Letter Excel Template
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