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Use this customizable personnel plan template to map out current and future staff needed to get and keep the business running. This information belongs in the personnel section of a business plan, and details job title, amount of pay, and hiring timeline for each position. This template calculates the monthly and yearly expenses associated with each role using built-in formula. Additionally, you can also add an organizational chart to provide a visual overview of the company’s structure.

Personnel Plan

A personnel plan is a critical part of your business plan and financial forecast. In addition to this helping you budget for current and future employees, your plan enables you to think through who you should hire and when you should hire them.

Describes the quantitative and qualitative demand for employees required to execute tasks and is part of capacity. The qualitative personnel requirement marks demands on the performance ability of the employees, e.g. qualification, knowledge, employability.

Key Personnel in Business Plan

  • Anticipated growth of organization: …
  • Budget constraint and allocations: …
  • Anticipated internal turnover: …
  • Introduction of newly technology: …
  • Minority hiring goals

Do you need a personnel plan if you have no employees?

If you are a sole proprietor and don’t have any employees, you should still include your own salary as part of the business plan. Make sure to include your salary as an expense in your Profit & Loss Statement. Even if, the business owner, don’t take the salary. So you can keep the cash in your business, you’ll want to record what you should have been paid.

In the case of a sole proprietor, you probably don’t need a full table, like in the example above. But, when you do start planning to hire a team, you should use the format I’ve described here.

Personnel planning is a valuable part of the business planning process because it forces you to think about what needs to get done in your business and who’s going to do it. Take the time to work through this part of your financial forecast, and you’ll have a much better sense of what it’s going to take to make your business successful.

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