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Revenue Trend Charting refers to a rise in revenue over a period of time. In accounting, revenue trend growth refers to the rate of increase in total revenues divided by total revenues from the previous year.
Revenue Trend can be calculated as a per cent increase from a starting point. For example, if the company’s revenue doubles from $2 million to $3 million, it has experienced 2% revenue growth. If this company had started with $600,000 it would have seen 6% revenue growth.
Revenue Trend analysis includes the gathering of information from multiple periods and planning the information on an Exponential line for further review. The goal of this analysis the actionable patterns in the presented information.
Managers and investors can use revenue chart analysis to evaluate an organization’s financial growth. Profitability- financial ratios measure revenue in terms of other financial factors to discover revenue fluctuation. Comparing revenue ratios with previous performance helps an analyst discover internal change drivers.

How to Create Revenue Chart in Excel

This handy revenue trend charting worksheet can help you project future revenue by creating graphs with various revenue trendlines and profit.
Just enter your baseline sales data into the Excel revenue trend chart sheet to view separate graphs with linear, power, exponential, and other trendlines.

For further you need to Understand Variable Values

Y- The y’s is a range or array of y values from the line equation for the Monthly Basis.
X- The x’s is a range or array of x values from the line equation. If this x value is null, excel will assume those x-values as 10,20,30..with the opposite of values as y.
The revenue trend function is used for several values, which are capable of calculating multiple y values and multiple values.
The Y-values is a dependent array or range of data. And this x-value is an independent array or range of data. So, the new x value is used for corresponding y values.

The X-values is an independent array or range of data.

Revenue Trend Charting Functions

Excel is very basic and easy to use. Let us know the working of TREND in Excel by an Example.
In this example, we have month wise sales data from Jan-20 to Nov-23 where we need to find the next month sales by using the TREND Functions in Excel.
However, we use a graphical chart format using multiple values.
This Template is customized on months wise sales data where there are ups and downs in sales value. For instance, if we produce this format, we can view the sales data easily; hence we can show the sales data using the trend function in chart format so that it gives an appropriate result.
The X- represents Month, the Linear Graph represents actual sales, and Y- represents Revenue Trend values in the sales data.

The revenue trend function uses the least-squares method to find the line of best fit.

Contents of Revenue Trend

There are several different functions you can go with revenue drivers – tailor your approach based on your offers.

Content Marketing: Content marketing requires a lot of conditions- but it’s a great way of getting your service out to a much wider and more committed buying audience. It’s an excellent way of growing an email list, too.
Email Marketing: Building revenue trends in many ways like building a customer for your product, and email marketing is one of the easiest ways to do so.
Premium Offerings: Offering the version of your product for free is a great way of raising awareness of its value and gaining early attraction.

Importance of Revenue Growth Chart

Increases Sales

Enlarge Product and Services

Advantage of New Opportunities

Profitability in Revenue

Benefits in Valuation

Attract Customers

Download Revenue Trend Charting Excel Template

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Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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