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Weekly Sales Excel Template

A weekly sales present the record of sales performed over a week. The sales team prepares a record on a week to week basis observing their trends of sales. This contains the number of sales achieved, the number of new and old clients, the number of clients in the sales pipeline, and the amount of revenue produced. This allows the companies to assess the productivity by the end of the month, and also make important conclusions in terms of business development, an increase in salaries of employees, and recruitment. So, it should be clear and to the point.

What is Sales Report-

A sales report, also known as a sales analysis record, is a register that summarizes a company’s sales activities. This register typically includes information on sales volume, new accounts, income and costs for a given period.

How to Create a Sales Report in Excel

A weekly sales report represent a complete picture of the overall sales on a week. The sales manager is responsible for creating a well-balanced sales report containing figures and graphs easy to comprehend by everyone. However, it should be simple and accurate. So, we created a Handy Template to use.
Create a new worksheet in a workbook and specify the sheet format you need.
Click Ok, weekly sales report worksheets have been created in Excel, all of them have the same format.
To keep things simple, most firms use simple sheets to keep a record of the sales executed daily.
This Template automatically helps in maintaining the tracklist, and in sales.
Equally, we are naming and creating a report for daily sales, the best application to record the daily sales records is Microsoft Excel.
Our Template enables you to place the numbers and weeks in the boxes and columns effortlessly.

In the Next Columns, mention the number of product and their price In Sales from the stock that sold.
Choose the next column and write the price at which the manufactured stuff is sold.
In the side column, insert the Food and Beverages for trades and rates.
Write the remaining product price and returned products (if any) in the following rows.
The final column will be named Total, to read the transactions on the acknowledgement.
And at last, you can differentiate Between Your Goal and the Variance.

Importance of Weekly Sales Report

Writing down your sales reports not be the most exciting activity in the sales world, the sales data from these reports is vital. They can show how well individual reports are performing. Helps to identify your most valuable salesperson. This report tells how well-qualified the leads are.

For example: if you are managing large amounts of records, or big data analytics to provide you quality vision for your sales reports. Use sales reports to find out how well you’re hitting your targets and measure the way your company is growing. By the sales reports, you can find out which marketing advertising is working, use these insights to see your sales operation. And they give you the vision that you need to reach your goals.

Basic Elements of Sales

  • Collect your right Data
  • Generates Right Visuals
  • Keeps you Updated
  • Provides Sales Project Overview
  • Data Breakdown
  • Provides Weekly Results and Variance
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