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You can download and use the latest Academic calendar templates.

Academic Year

You can adjust this calendar to meet your need in a single spreadsheet only. You don’t have to choose specific spreadsheets from these 4 spreadsheets starting from July or August. Now, you can set it up within a single spreadsheet. Months and Dates are automatically adjusted based on your setup choices. It should eliminates date placement error that sometimes occur because of manual placement.

Academic Calendar 2021

The first three calendars are academic calendar templates with similar layouts with previous models, while the next threes have new layouts and functions which should suit your needs on mapping your school events and distribute it as your official ones.

Although all calendar models below are intended for school event scheduling purposes only, you can find it useful for your own events which have period from July this year to July next year.


It is very simple. Just open calendar and you will find calendar with conditional formatting formula that will mark dates with specific colors. You need to enter dates and their description in respective tables. There are tables for single dates (you can fill only one date per row) and period dates (you need to type start and end dates).

Remember that you need to set different parameters before starting to fill your school dates.


Go to Starting Year cell and type starting year of your school period. To reuse it for next school period, just replace it with another year and dates inside calendar will follow accordingly.


Go to Starting Month cell and change its content to July, August and September to make school calendar starts from selected month. These three months are most common school months.


Go to Number of Month cell and select between 12 and 13 as the number of months.


Go to Starting Day cell and choose between Sunday and Monday as the starting day in the first column of the week. There is no color differentiation for Sunday or Weekend days.


Go to event tables and and type respective event description that you want to mark inside calendar. There are different color marker setup variation, but you can only have it in several models. There are tabular and linear calendars with variety of school dates and description placements. All of them are customizable and you can reuse it without any year limitation. Also, there are some calendar models with one table where you can put either single or consecutive dates and apply particular color markers for the dates.

Download Academic Calendar Excel Template

To use this free Excel Template, you should have Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Excel. You can only use this template if you have these applications in your system. or Use, Google Sheets. 

After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the xlsx file of this template to use it

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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