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Agile Kanban Board Excel Template

After learning about Agile developmentKanban, and Scrum, we have decided to try implementing a very simple system to help our small team work more effectively. This agile kanban board is focus on continuous content and product delivery but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with too many tasks and competing priorities. So, we have decided to take some principles from both the Kanban and Scrum methods into simple tool that we can use both collaboratively.

Kanban Flow

This spreadsheet may look like just a glorified task list, but it’s much more. It is design to apply principles from agile project management. The idea of categorizing and prioritizing activities and moving the tasks through the “To Do”, “In Progress” and “Done” lanes from the Kanban method. The idea of using backlog and identifying activities to complete within a two-week  or “sprint” comes from the Scrum method.

What makes it good collaborative task management tool? In our experience, the answer is we actually WANT to use it. And that’s what we’ve found with this spreadsheet. It’s fun to use, extremely simple, and takes very little time to update the same.

Kanban Board example

Most importantly Kanban board is a collaborative work flow or task management tool used in Agile project management. Team members add cards or sticky notes to a board on the wall. It represents the features or tasks they will be working on during their one or two-week sprint. The team has regular stand-up meetings to discuss their progress, update priorities, and physically move the tasks.

Kanban Style

This is a project management method that helps visualize tasks, while Scrum is a method that provides structure to the team and schedule. Kanban and Scrum are project management methodologies that complete project tasks in small increments and emphasize continuous improvement.

How to Use a Kanban Board
  1. Spot Workflow Bottlenecks on the Kanban Board.
  2. However Use the Kanban Board to Limit Work in Progress and Focus.
  3. For Instance use the Kanban Dashboard to Save Time Wasted on Unnecessary Meetings.
  4. Mostly visualize Work Blockers on Your Kanban Board.
  5. Automate Work Processes on Your Agile Kanban Board.
Download Agile Kanban Board Excel Template
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