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Download Baseball Roster Excel Template

Our new baseball roster template is design to help new coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents get and stay organized during the season. In addition to the basic roster, this baseball template features an auto-rotating lineup worksheet, a printable baseball score card, and tables for tracking the baseball stats or braves roster.

If you’re coaching or helping you to coach young teams, you know how crazy the dugout can get into. The baseball rotation sheet can help you keep things manageable, even if you end up having kids not show up.

Baseball Roster

The Roster worksheet can help to collect important information including names, phone numbers, emails addresses and jersey numbers. It also provides some space to detail practice information, game information and snack rotations. Simply collect the information that you need and print out a copy for everyone on the team.

Baseball Lineup

Decrease the confusion in the dugout and balance playing time by using the included auto-rotating baseball lineup tables.  You just enter the names and the starting lineup. Put a copy in the dugout and let players find their position each inning.

If you also don’t want to use the auto-rotation, you can use the Position table to manually enter the positions for each inning. The Batting Order table will update automatically.

Visual Line Up

If you or your team mates like visual aids, you may like our Visual Lineup worksheet. It auto-rotates the players and displays the names of the players in position on the field itself. Just enter the starting lineup.

Baseball Scorecard Sheet

Print copies of Scorecard worksheet to give to the score keeper(s) at the game. These baseball scorecards are just like the one you once use at Major League games. These are great for collecting player statistics.

Stats Worksheet

There is also a Stats worksheet for keeping a summary of the stats for each game. After the game, transfer the stats from the baseball scorecard to the Stats worksheet.

Usage Tips for the Baseball Roster Template

  • Post a printout of the line up sheet in the dugout to let the players figure out for themselves where they will be playing each inning, and what the batting order will be. This can reduce the chaos and the number of “when am I up?” and “what position am I playing?”.
  • Recruit helpers to keep the baseball stats record during the game. Give each player a copy of the baseball scorecard.

Lineup Rotation

You will have players not show up. If you are printing the lineup worksheet ahead of time, you can avoid some confusion in the dugout sheet by keeping the batting order as-is and substituting players on the field as needed.

In the Rotation table, there is a row for each player and the positions rotate each inning.

You can change the order of the positions in column B of the Rotation table as and when required.

It is just an example of how to give players a fair amount of time on the field, by rotating them off the bench. The idea is to spread the bench positions as evenly as possible within the rotation. Some more examples are:

  • padres roster
  • phillies roster
  • tampa bay rays roster

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