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Download Bill of Materials Excel Template

If you are starting a business that manufactures or assembles products, you are going to need to create and maintain a bill of materials (BoM) for your products. If you are designing, selling, or servicing a product, you must need some instructions and a list of materials. Although you may eventually need to use more advanced inventory control software. A full-fledged MRP system, you can get start using our free Bill of Materials template below and customize as per requirement.

Bill of materials meaning

The bill of materials spreadsheet is originally design to identify the parts needed for various custom designs.

Most people could easily create their own bill of materials spreadsheet from scratch, but hopefully this template would provide a useful example. It may not always be possible or desirable to include photos, but when applicable, pictures can be tremendously helpful.

What is a Bill of Material (BoM)?

Hence, a bill of materials (BoM) is a listing of materials and parts used to manufacturer some products. Each material in the list should include the quantity required and a unique part number that can be used to identify the exact part or material to acquire from the supplier.

Additional information that can be included in a BoM, or that information may be available elsewhere.

For complex materials, some of the parts listed in a bill of materials may be sub-assemblies and each have their own BoM as well. For larger companies or more complex products, the BoM is a crucial part of larger MRP System. In this case, the MRP system might be able to export the list to an Excel spreadsheet.

Using a Spreadsheet-Based BoM management in Practice

It’s very easy to use the template to create a bill of materials for a single assembly. But, as your product(s) become more complex, you’ll quickly face the following problems:

  • Security and Access Control – Using spreadsheets as primary data source for process definitions can lead to problems. When it comes to security, giving people different access privilege etc.
  • Change Management – What happens when an engineer makes a change to their bill of materials but the manufacturer is still using an old copy of spreadsheet. These types of errors are difficult to avoid without using a central primary database. A BoM spreadsheet file is not much different than having a printed copy of the materials.
  • If you are going to use a spreadsheet BoM system, make sure you can also set up a system for managing changes. Revisions to ensure that the information is accurately updated through the process.

Because of these limitations, I want to clear that I’m not advocating the use of BoM spreadsheets for every circumstance. However, the bill of materials template can be very useful when you want to do a quick solution.

Bill of Material Example

The LEGO Digital Designer software allows you to create virtual assemblies of LEGO bricks and then export the bill of materials to a spreadsheet. The software will automatically produce the assembly instructions. The purpose of the BoM is to help you acquire the needed pieces.

If your kids enjoy designing custom LEGO creations, you probably know that the main limitation is not having the right pieces. Although you can’t get every possible piece in whatever color you wish. It is pretty amazing how many pieces are available in the system.

How to Use this Bill of Materials Excel template

Our editable Excel templates for data analysis are easy to use and can save you a significant amount of time and effort. Here’s how to download and use one of our templates:

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In summary, our editable Excel templates for data analysis are easy to use and can save you a significant amount of time and effort. Simply, download the template, replace sample data with your actual data, customize it as per your requirement, use it for data analysis, and save or share it with others as needed. With our templates, you can quickly and easily analyze your data and make informed business decisions.

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