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In a medium to big scale company, there are Business Travel Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that needs to follow. When you are send to other cities or other countries to represent your company business. The SOP will start from the justification of business travel, business travel preparation and business travel request form.

Travel Request

‘Usually, finance or GA department will ask you to fill business travel request form as a condition to issue the cash advance or allowance need for the travel. And in some companies, there are already a rule about cash advance allocation which is usually base on employee position.

Travel Approval Request

There are a plenty of travel request form available in internet from complex one with many information needs to fill until the simple one. And I made a simple travel request form, that can be used as one of your references.

There are two worksheets inside the spreadsheet, as follows :

Request Form Worksheet

This is a form that you can fill with your cash advance request. Moreover, There is a budget column which is link with the company rules budget. This is use as your request reference. I put Group function on that cell, so you can hide or unhide the column by clicking the “-” (negative sign) or “+” (positive sign). As there are cells with blue colors that contain formula that will automatically calculate the total days of your business travel and the total amount of your request for request for reimbursement of travel expenses email.

Company Rules Worksheet

If you have company rules that is used as company business travel reference, you use this worksheet to copy the rules. Thus, If you don’t have company rules, you can start by filling the cells with reasonable budget.

Business Travel Request Form

Before a business journey, an employee has to submit a travel request form. In which he/she provides information required for approval of the travel. The form includes an estimated budget as well. However, expenses are reimbursed based on the travel expenses report, a detailed report submitted after the business trip is over.

Download Travel Request Form Excel Template

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After installing Excel or Spreadsheet, download the xlsx file of this template to use it

Once extracted, you can open the file using Excel and start entering data or customizing the template.

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